Rebrands to, a platform that provides accurate and instantaneous matches between jobs and candidates through predictive analytics and Machine Learning, has rebranded to Emploi.

The rebrand is accompanied by an upgrade of the platform’s recruitment engine to incorporate technology that aims to make it the fastest and most accurate job matching platform in the region. 

The fast growing platform, with more than 40,000 registered users in 4 African countries, has matched in excess of 11,000 positions successfully since inception 3 years ago.

Through the use of data and machine learning Emploi is able to predict candidate to role suitability with 78% accuracy based on their experience and skills, aptitude, personality, interests and motivations. The role matching engine, together with end-to-end recruitment process management tools provided for employers on the platform not only improves on quality of hire and retention, it also cuts down  on the overall recruitment time by 57% and Costs by Averagely 75%.

Emploi- derived from a French word meaning Employment- was conceived to address the challenge of Poor candidate-job matching in African MSME’s occasioned by lack of contemporary job matching approaches and tools which take into consideration the present day job and talent landscape as dominated by the unconventional profile of the millennial job hunter, their undefined or unexpressed capabilities, and their immense potential waiting to get noticed.  The traditional tool for qualifying candidates for roles, that is resume profiling, has failed to live up to the changing world’s talent definitions, including recognizing that there are several skills acquired through non-traditional means like gigs which would still translate well into structured employment.

The result is, as employers complain about lack of quality talent and run losses of upto 30,000 USD per year on wrong hiring decisions, talented young professionals are taking much longer to land a job, with our own local research showing that it’s taking an average of 6 months to land a job from the time of sending out their first application. At least 65% of young professionals, including fresh university graduates, complain that they are disqualified from jobs due to lack of enough work experience. 

To improve on the jobseekers job search experience and reduce the time it takes to land a job, Emploi offers job seekers access to career management tools from individual profile ranking, self-assessment tools to career coaching. The platform also incorporates social tools to boost interactivity, networking and learning. With better engagement tools between jobseekers and employers, jobseekers can learn straight from the horse’s mouth while employers get the chance to lift the veil of seclusion while improving on their employer brands.

With a faster and more robust platform, Emploi hopes to scale its operations to more African countries in order to realize its vision to Impact 5 Million Businesses and 10% of the continent’s total workforce through our recruitment and Placement tools over the next 5 years.

1.  Smart Job Matching 2.  End-to-End Recruitment Management Tools 3.  Localized Candidate Assessment Tests 4.  Large Scale Project Recruitment

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